Be a Superstar...Tips for Success!


We literally have seen millions of resumes and know it can make a difference in who lands the interview! Here are a few tips and note that we are happy to review your resume at absolutely no charge and make suggestions if needed.
  • Always, always be truthful and factual. Never exaggerate or fabricate.
  • Make your resume specific when applicable to the job for which you are applying. This may mean you have more than one resume, but change it up so it highlights the experience and skills you have for a specific job!
  • Always begin your resume with your most recent job experience.
  • Be sure to include and highlight (italics, bold, or underscore) your achievements, awards and successes.
  • Be consistent with format throughout.
  • Attach a separate list of professional references, including current phone numbers for any former supervisors and of course any letter of recommendation you may have.
  • Make every attempt to keep your resume to one page whenever possible.
  • Proofread – Proofread – Proofread! Never submit a resume with a misspelled word, improper grammar or typo! Let your professional resume reflect the professional you will be in the work place!
  • Send us your resume.


Land that job! Over the years we’ve heard it all. Some interviews are routine, even mundane. However, you should be prepared to answer anything. There is always a reason for each question – even if the interviewer just wants to know how quickly you think on your feet.


Don’t confuse this with arrogance. Demonstrate that you can do the job, but also that you are a team player. Avoid “filler” words when speaking, such as uh, well, like, you know, etc.


A warm, agreeable and friendly manner will set the tone. Always maintain eye contact and be aware of your body language. Begin and end the interview with a firm handshake.


These days, there is no excuse for not gathering information regarding the company with which you are interviewing. Interviewers love it when they know you’ve done your homework and they enjoy talking about their company. This also enables you to ask good questions and impress. Also remember to always take a hard copy of your resume with you.


Don’t confuse this with aggressiveness. Do not ask what the job pays, what the chances for promotion are etc. That’s why you’re working with us, it’s our job to give you all that information, so you look good and both parties can make a sound decision.


Even though the attire in the office may be casual, always dress professionally. When interviewing and once you are on the job…. dress for the position you aspire to, not the one you have.



Stay busy, and always ask for something to do when you are idle. Ask questions. This always demonstrates that you are a committed professional.


Conduct yourself as a professional at all times. This means no cell phones, texting, personal calls, or office gossip.


Be on time, take appropriate breaks, and whenever possible, let management know that you don’t mind staying late if you can make a contribution. Often, this alone will make you stand out.


Don’t ever discuss the company’s business outside of the office. You’re part of the team, and what happens here, stays here.


Thousands of happily employed people were very discontented on the first day, even the first week or two. Although we do not want you to be unhappy on your job, it’s always advisable to give it a bit before you make a decision. Always feel free to contact your recruiter if you have any concerns. We are on call 24/7 to assist you.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Staffing Provider

Hiring the right staffing and recruiting firm can make a significant difference to your bottom line and it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Every staffing firm isn’t right for every company. At Judy’s we encourage you to speak with several services and get answers to the following questions. We know we do what we do very well and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and hopefully get an opportunity to work with you soon!
  1. How many years has your firm been in the staffing and recruiting business?
  2. What was your internal staff turnover rate last year?
  3. What experience do you have working with companies like mine?
  4. Do you specialize in certain areas?
  5. Do you measure client satisfaction?
  6. If so, what was your client satisfaction ratio last year?
  7. Can you provide references?
  8. Do you focus on quantity or quality?
  9. What do you expect of me in this partnership?
  10. What are the current trends and issues in hiring and employment?
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