We welcome an opportunity to assist you with your job search and hope you find answers to any questions you may have below.

Please don’t hesitate to call our office at any time. 859.223.5005

Through the years we’ve been able to determine where we really excel.  We have dedicated Recruiters in each of the following:

JUDY’S STAFFING focuses primarily in Office/Administrative, Legal Support, and Accounting/Bookkeeping. 

J-MED, our medical division staffs medical professionals from Allied to Medical Office personnel.

SCULLY SEARCH is our Professional/Executive Search division which specialize specializing in Human Resources, Finance/Accounting and Manufacturing Leadership.

Short-term, Contract, Bridge2Hire and Direct Hire.

You may submit your resume here.  If you have not heard from us within 2 days of submitting your information, please call our office.  Rest assured that your information will be in our database and will be accessible to us for any positions that become available. However, prior to placing anyone, we do request a personal interview and we will conduct two reference checks, a background screen, and drug test (post offer).

In addition every candidate must provide documentation verifying they are eligible to work in the United States. We pride ourselves on having the very best Associates in Central Kentucky and look forward to having you as one!

No, absolutely not. All of our fees are paid by our client companies.

Possibly, depending upon the type of position you’re seeking.   Keep in mind these assessments are not pass or fail, but rather a measurement of your skill level.  We promise our clients we will only submit qualified candidates and this is sometimes part of the process.

Absolutely! We get new jobs in all the time most do not make it to our website!

Yes. If you are an employee on our payroll, and following a probationary period, you are eligible for paid vacations, paid sick time, paid holidays and much more. Please ask an associate for details.

No, not at all. Although we always recommend that you keep an open mind. Throughout the years, we’ve sent many folks to a one day assignment that lasted for years! That doesn’t happen a lot, however every time you work, you will obtain new skills, experience and meet new people!

We have Short-term, Long-term, Bridge2Hire, and Direct Hire jobs. You decide which option works for you. However, if you’re not currently employed, we encourage you to seriously consider everything offered to you, as you never know where an opportunity will lead! The overwhelming majority of people who begin working a variety of temp assignments end up really enjoying the flexibility and opportunity to gain new skills.

We try to keep our Associates as busy as they’d like to be!  However,  it does depend on our client’s needs at the time.  The more open you are to opportunities, the busier you’re likely to be with us. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee a certain number of hours or days.

First, we ask that you’re always professional. Don’t ever walk off a job, or just not show up one day! We are on call 24 hours a day to speak with you and see if we can work out a solution for all parties involved. Trust us, we want you happy on the job, but it’s to your benefit to always handle matters like this in a professional way. If you do, we’ll take care of it and try and find you something else.

Call us! Let us know when you’re available again, and be sure to let us know about any new skills you’ve obtained.

We pay weekly, every Friday.

Yes, we have tutorials on several software applications. Please ask an associate for details and we’ll be happy to email them to you at absolutely no charge. Once you’ve completed your training we will also be happy to do an assessment to see what you learned!

Yes, we are happy to give you tips and suggestions to improve your resume. Also along the way, feel free to ask us any questions regarding your job search, such as interviewing techniques, follow-up protocol, and more. We are here for you, and committed to you finding employment, whether it’s through us or not. Please see our Tips for Success page for more valuable information.

Absolutely. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Aside from what is logical for us to discuss with a prospective client regarding your resume and work history, all of your private information is kept strictly confidential. Please see our privacy policy for more information.