We’d really appreciate an opportunity to assist you with your employee search. There is never an obligation to hire through us.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions. Below are the questions we're asked most often.

First, we think you’ve come to the right place.

Second, you are under no obligation UNLESS we secure the right person for your job, and you employ them.

The process: When you have a staffing need simply call our office or submit your request. One of our highly trained Recruiters will want to speak with you to either obtain a thorough job description or drill down on the one you submitted. We will probably ask several questions that will aid us in finding the perfect person for you. This phase in the process is without a doubt the most important, so we ask you to be patient. We promise to be brief because we know you’re busy.

After we’ve determined your needs, we’ll discuss which solutions suit your company or organization best.  We’ll also talk about our fees so there are absolutely no surprises at any point going forward.

Absolutely not! The risk is all ours, as most of our work is done up front during the search. That said, we understand that business is business and if things change, or an employee’s aunt’s cousin applies and is perfect for your job, then no problem. We want to partner with you, and that doesn’t always mean a sale.

First and foremost, you don’t hire ‘resumes’, you hire people. Finding employees through almost any other source will give you just that...resumes.

From those resumes, you’ll find that most:

  • Don’t qualify
  • Are greatly exaggerated (research suggests that up to 50% of all people lie on their resume)
  • Don’t state their salary requirements
  • May not be interested or excited about your opportunity.

Working with Judy’s is exactly the opposite! Visit our How We’re Different page to learn more about us.

Absolutely!  You don’t stay in business this long with unhappy customers.  We vow to make it right.  Period.

Our thorough screening process is perfected, tried and true and ingrained in our culture. It is also customizable for each search. This is the core of everything we stand for, because the pressure to get it right never goes away.   We don’t hire everyone who walks through our doors, our talent is knowing who to send through yours!

For the most part, very quickly. While our vast database changes rapidly, we daily recruit and screen the best talent available in our areas of expertise. This usually means for you that we can deliver rapidly.