The pressure to “get it right” never goes away.

Meeting your needs as our client is our singular focus in every search. Years of experience in this industry has taught us a thing or two, but we’ve drilled it down to a fine art, and there is a reason we consistently deliver. Aside from innate industry knowledge and intangible expertise, we continue to honor tried and true methods that have served us well since the very beginning.

What we do ‘behind the scenes’ before you ever see a resume.

Taking your job order


This is the first and most critical phase when we commence your search. Years of experience has taught us the key questions to ask, many of which may surprise you. Aside from the basic and obvious questions we will probe a little deeper and ask about chemistry, culture, pet peeves and phraseology in your profession.

The Interview

Whether it be in person, telephonic, or Skype, we are the masters of the interview…and we interview thousands every year. Resumes often tell a great story, but our highly skilled interviewing techniques discern stories from producers.

Reference Checks

Beyond verifying dates and duties, thorough reference checking is at the core of our business philosophy. After all, our product is our people, and if we don’t send you the best…well, end of story. We go to extreme measures to garner as much information as possible on each candidate we refer. We will be able to brag on and sell their strengths to you, and yes, we will share any weak areas, so there will be no surprises.

Testing and Assessments

We promise our candidates will have the skills to do the job. In addition, we partner with several outstanding organizations wherein we can administer everything from personality to work-place behavioral assessments, with an uncanny ability to predict an individual’s success in certain environments. Often these assessments are job-order specific, so please speak with your recruiter if you would like additional information. If your company has an assessment, please let us know and we’ll manage it for you.

Background/Education/Drug Screening

These additional services are on us and at your discretion. Drug Screens are mandated by law to be post-offer, however.

Candidate Prep

A critical element to any successful search, this phase is all too often skimmed over. A candidate may be perfect for your opening, but if they’re not fully abreast of your company, it’s nuances and pet peeves, salary ranges and your thorough job description, interviews may be a waste of everyone’s time. Candidates referred to you by The JSS Group are prepared, informed and excited about your opportunity.