On March 5, 1973, Judy Scully Moore opened the doors of Judy’s Job Center in Lexington, KY, the city she lived in all her life.

By 8:05 a.m. her rotary dial telephone was ringing off the hook and by the close of business, there were still dozens of job-seekers lined up and down the flight of stairs outside her two room office filling out applications. That first day brought 187 applicants and two job orders. It was then she knew her life’s purpose. Her initial excitement of opening a new business transformed into a life-long driving passion to put people to work, and to be a totally different kind of staffing firm.

In 1986, Judy expanded her growing business to include short and long-term employment options as well as the popular Bridge2Hire. This division complemented the existing Direct Hire and Executive/Professional Search division. Today The JSSGroup proudly offers complete staffing and recruiting services in specialized areas of expertise.

A lot has changed since those frenzied early days, but the core principles and personal touches that catapulted her success have not. While doing skills testing on an IBM Selectric Typewriter and administering the Gregg Shorthand Test have given way to state of the art automated skills assessments…. the dynamic remains the same…tens of thousands of folks put to work and still growing 45 years later!

During the last five decades, we have enjoyed competition from one new staffing company after another coming into the area. Many now do not even have an office here. Yet, The JSS Group remains Central Kentucky’s go-to service, for excellence in staffing and recruiting – because we know, it’s not about the hype, rhetoric and buzz words…it’s about the people we serve.

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