The reviews have been pouring in for over 40 years. Here's what happy clients and job seekers have had to say about JSS Group...

Professional, helpful, flexible

Your organization is professional, helpful and willing to be flexible to meet your customer’s needs! This sets you apart from the other staffing groups! I would highly recommend you to other companies looking to fill temporary or permanent staff positions.

- Debbie Taylor Smith, Hyatt Regency


(They) are amazing professionals who are a delight to work with. They always strive to bring you exactly the staff you need.

- Linda Williamson, Former Practice Manager BGSG

Skilled and Talented Staff!

I’ve worked with The JSS Group for years. They always work hard to find skilled and talented staff to join my team.

- Ross Tarrant Architects

No Comparison

I worked with you all, and only you all, even though other staffing firms knocked on my door every day! There was no comparison.

- Kim C., Retired Practice Manager with Baptist Health Practice.

The ONLY Choice

Judy's is the only staffing firm I choose to work with.

- Anne Burnette

Great Service

Great company with great service. Kind and knowledgeable staff. I would certainly recommend.

- J Hall.